The issue with a lot of fiction versus reality is that fiction is much more condensed than one will ever experience.

Take for example a series like Mad Men, that manages to give a pretty good depiction of the late 60s to early 70s. Yet everybody seems to be dressed within a given range. They did a great job not to have all charactes wear the latest from a Sears catalogue for every given year, but there hardly is an average Joe without any taste at all. Like most tv shows this gives a very polished version of the actual era.

Same goes for a lot of SciFi, when you read most cyberpunk stories from the 90s they are extremely close to predicting where we are now with technology or at least where we are headed, yet there is a major lack of old tech and general livestyle that is untouched by the technology. Yes we all run around with smartphones and are online everywhere, but all these SciFi developments are happening in a strangely mundane environment. Roombas are roaming grey old apartments with 30 year old carpeting. Philips Hue lamps are lighting living rooms that still look like an Ikea catalogue from 2002.

Black Mirror does (in most episodes) a great job of extrapolating regular life with technology of tomorrow. But even there it is not that obvious how banal average life actually is.

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