One of my major problems with politics (as already stated somewhere in this weblog) is that I'm having a hard time identifying myself with the labels of most parties or finding my views within certain political lines. This morning, however, I read this at Doc Searls weblog:

[..] Like most Libertarians, I tend to like less government. Unlike most Liberals, I love business, and love markets. But, unlike most Libertarians (and Conservatives), I don't believe the market has yet been built that can save an old growth redwood tree. I also don't believe markets, as we commonly understand them, give a shit about the Long View. [..] Basically, I believe the old labels suck. When I try any of them on, they don't fit. And I think that's their problem, not mine.
Now I know at least one person that shares my perspective, maybe one of the reasons I unconsciously enjoyed Doc's writings over the last few months so much.

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