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"Amis wollen Krieg, Europäer wollen Frieden oder sind Wimps." Paul Krugman analysiert in der eigentlich als konservativ/patriotisch bekannten New York Times vom 18.2. woher die unterschiedliche Wahrnehmung in der Bevölkerung kommt, natürlich aus den Medien. Über die großen Friedensdemonstrationen am letzten Wochenende haben CNN und FoxNews kaum berichtet, stattdessen brav die Linie des Weißen Hauses unterstützt. Wen wunderts.

There are two possible explanations for the great trans-Atlantic media divide. One is that European media have a pervasive anti-American bias that leads them to distort the news, even in countries like the U.K. where the leaders of both major parties are pro-Bush and support an attack on Iraq. The other is that some U.S. media outlets - operating in an environment in which anyone who questions the administration's foreign policy is accused of being unpatriotic - have taken it as their assignment to sell the war, not to present a mix of information that might call the justification for war into question.
So which is it? I've reported, you decide.

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