So I'm sitting on one of these ultra-comfy sofas at a coffee shops near a college in California. There's this unbelievable cute girl across the room working on her Apple notebook. No attempt at making eye contact or signaling her otherwise worked so far and while considering possible strategies, I check out my iTunes for the right soundtrack to this morning. Oh wait, there's a shared iTunes library called "The Fury of the Avian".. could it be? Yes, the dark haired angel is sharing her music. I start browsing selection, the expected Air/Belle & Sebastian/Björk/Norah Jones/Violent Femmes albums are there - spreaded thinly between a major collection of musical soundtracks. Everything from Andrew Lloyd Webber, various Disney movies, Gilbert & Sullivan, Moby Dick! the musical, Julie Andrews, Les Miserables, Into the Woods, The Lion King, Rent, you name it… And with every little move of the scrollbar i lose a bit more interest.

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