Pick a band and answer the following questions using only that band's song titles.
Spock's Beard:

  1. Are you male or female?: - Freak Boy
  2. Describe yourself: - The Return Of The Horrible Catfish Man
  3. What do some people think about you?: - Stranger In A Strange Land
  4. How do you feel about yourself?: - Can't Get It Wrong
  5. Describe your girlfriend: - Skin
  6. Describe your interest: - The Healing Colors Of Sound
  7. Where would you rather be?: - On The Edge
  8. Describe what you want to be: - The Gypsy
  9. Describe how you live: - East Of Eden, West Of Memphis
  10. Describe how you love: - In The Mouth Of Madness
  11. Share a few words of wisdom: - Go The Way You Go

via happyplastic.de/franziska

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