from Mark Morford's SF Gate Morning Fix:

AOL Time Warner Inc. chairman Steve Case will resign his post in May, the latest and most dramatic executive shuffle at a company dragged down by regulatory investigations and the collapse of Internet advertising at AOL and the slow but inexorable realization by millions of consumers that AOL/TW is, in fact, exactly what's wrong with major media today and is largely responsible, like Microsoft and Disney, for dumbing down the culture via creativity-crushing consolidation and sloth-like corporate armpit-scratching. The merger of AOL, the world's largest and most sinister and annoying online company, and stagnant media giant Time Warner was supposed to create huge benefits and was promoted as an example of a new economy business reviving an old one -- at least, it was promoted that way by the giddy PR penguins who clutched their stock options like Ben Affleck clutches J.Lo's ass. But benefits have been slow to materialize, and the influence of America Online on the company is waning, proving for the Nth time that bloated corporate consolidation does not work and kills nimble creative flow and, not that I'm bitter or anything, because hey, look at DaimlerChrysler or Exxonmobil or Viacom or etc. Oh yes, so wonderful they all are. Is it really only Monday?

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