broken glass everywhere
people pissing on the stairs,
you know they just don't care.

this is munich not new york and seeing a guy in a suit on a sunday morning taking a leak, right there on a busy street in a decent neighbourhood is somewhat disconcerting.

munich munich small city of dreams
but everything in munich ain't always what it seems.

he was wearing a white poncho with a picture of christo and the line »christo lives« and carrying a pole with a huge crucifix. shouting at everybody he passed by, explaining incoherently that christ had to die and christo still lives and that it was somehow all the politicians fault.

right next door is a little old man
i seen him eating dog food out of a can
he says, »i got to eat, when i can't afford meat
i barely can stand, on my own two feet«

the homeless guy gave me a look like i was trying to steal his boots when i dropped two quarters in his hat. he kept cursing me with his strong accent even after i was out of sight.

don't push me, cause i'm close to the edge
i'm trying not to loose my head.

this is munich not new york, but it feels like we're well on our way there.

i need some time, and i want some space
i gotta get away from the human race.

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