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  • First record you ever bought?
    Queen »News Of The World«
  • First gig (who and where)?
    Queen - 05/21/1982 Olympiahalle Munich (thx dad!)
  • Best Gig (who and where)?
    this is a hard one, can't really decide... ok: Spock's Beard - 08/18/1999 Great American Music Hall
  • Gig you wish you'd been at?
    Liquid Tension Experiment - January 1999 Los Angeles
  • What's in your CD player at the moment?
    Incubus »A Crow Left To The Murder«
  • A record that makes you laugh?
    Eläkeläiset »Humppakäräjät«
  • A record that makes you cry?
    Leaves »Breathe«
  • A record that reminds you of school or college discos?
    Foreigner »4«
  • A record which sounds better in the dark?
    Fates Warning »A Pleasant Shade Of Grey«
  • A song you wish you'd written?
    Frank Zappa »The Torture Never Stops«
  • A record you'd like played at your funeral?
    Anathema »Alternative 4« plus the song »Surrounded« by Dream Theater
  • Soundtrack for a long car journey?
    OST »From Dusk Til Dawn«

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