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Temperaturen in Fahrenheit verständlich gemacht

Weil es bei Imerologio auf Deutsch zu lesen war hab ich noch mal in den Untiefen meiner Festplatte nach dem Original geforscht (für Umrechenwillige: Temperatur[F]-32/1.8 =>Celsius)

Air Temperature Calibrations:

  • 60 degrees - Californians put their sweaters on.
  • 50 degrees - Miami residents turn on the heat.
  • 45 degrees - Oregon residents go to outdoor concert.
  • 40 degrees - You can see your breath, Californians shiver uncontrollably, Minnesotians go swimming.
  • 35 degrees - Italian cars don’t start.
  • 32 degrees - Water freezes.
  • 30 degrees - You plan your vacation to Hawaii.
  • 25 degrees - Water in Iowa freezes, Californians panic to cover their fruit trees, Minnesotians eat ice cream, Canadians go swimming.
  • 20 degrees - Politicians begin to talk about the homeless, New York City water freezes, Miami residents plan to fly to Hawaii.
  • 15 degrees - French cars don’t start, cat insists on sleeping in your bed with you.
  • 10 degrees - You need jumper cables to get the car going.
  • 5 degrees - American cars don’t start.
  • 0 degrees - Alaskans put on T-shirts.
  • -10 degrees - German cars don’t start, eyes freeze shut when you step outside.
  • -15 degrees - You can cut your breath and use it to build an igloo, Arkansans stick tongues to metal objects, Miami residents cease to exist.
  • -20 degrees - Cat insists on sleeping in pajamas with you, politicians actually do something about the homeless, Minnesotians shovel snow off roof, Japanese cars don’t start.
  • -25 degrees - Too cold to think, you need jumper cables to get the driver going.
  • -30 degrees - You plan a two week hot bath, Swedish cars don’t start.
  • -40 degrees - Californians disappear, Minnesotians button top button, Canadians put on sweater, your car helps you plan your trip to Hawaii.
  • -50 degrees - Congressional hot air freezes, Alaskans close the bathroom window.
  • -80 degrees - Polar bears move South, Green Bay Packers and Doug Flutie of the San Diego Chargers orders hot cocoa at the game.
  • -90 degrees - Lawyers put their hands in their own pockets.
  • -100 degrees - Hell freezes over, Bill Clinton resigns.
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