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Learning English lesson 1

Small Weights (The preferred scale is one through ten, with ten being the heaviest.)

  1. Whisper: A whisper doesn’t really show up on any known measurement device. An example is the bartender making an ultra-dry martini by whispering the word vermouth near the glass.
  2. Hint: Traceable, but just barely. You can often smell a hint of perfume in a room that a woman was in several minutes prior.
  3. Wee bit: First discovered by the Scots in the 16th Century, the wee bit is slightly smaller than a standard bit.
  4. Bit: The standard bit is used when weighing the last crumb in the potato chip bag.
  5. Tad: Tads are about the size of a champagne bubble.
  6. Smidge(n): Smidges and smidgens are larger than most people think. They are about the size of a pea.
  7. Dash: A dash is the amount of urine that leaks onto a small boys’ pants after he’s used the restroom.
  8. Dab: A dab is usually the amount of spackling you’ll need to cover a nail hole.
  9. Skosh: A skosh is the amount of hair gel you use, or the amount of ketchup in a packet.
  10. Splash: Perfume or cologne that can be seen dripping down the skin is measured by the splash.
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